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“Caruso tells a tale of excitement, bravery and luck. His many stories, in this marvelous book, are filled with the strength and tenderness of the human spirit.” — Frank West, book editor, Irish American News

** Winner — 1st Place, Autobiography/Memoir **
** 2007 CIPA EVVY Awards **

What readers say:

An utterly absorbing story .... I had to have the book !!! I started reading yesterday afternoon and could not put it down ... My wife had to drag me away to a barbecue. When I got back at 10 p.m. (even after social drinking !) I couldn’t wait to pick the book up again and kept reading until I finished at 3 a.m.. It has been a long time since a book has had priority over my sleep !! ... it was ... exhilarating, exciting, funny, and thought provoking .... you have such and easy, engaging, flowing style ! A treat to read” — P.O., West Co. Cork, Ireland

“I got your book and read for seven hours until midnight, then I finished it this a.m. It’s been a long time since I read a book cover to cover just taking a sleeping break. It’s great. I love your style. Great job! Great story! A lot of great humor!” — J.O., Portland, Oregon

“I read your book . . . WOW! I loved it !!!!!!!!! I was captured from the very beginning and it lasted until the very last page.” — A.W., Boulder, Colorado

“I knew you had a sense of humor ... the first few chapters reminded how funny you can be ... but then ... the plane crash ... I’m a real softy, I had to stop reading several time to dry my tears...” –A.M., New Milford, New Hampshire

“You’ve done a great job with this book ... well written, compelling story. I like your style. It was great fun to read.” - L.L., (business consultant, author, former newspaper publisher), Helena, Montana

“Your book ... wow, wow, wow! It is a great read with a message. I love your humor. I have to laugh at your descriptions of your Aunts. I laughed out loud many times!” — C.C.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“A quick note to say how much I enjoyed your book and writing style. It was a page-turner! I just finished it this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it.” - P.D., Bournemouth, England

”I gave a copy of your book to my grandma (maiden name O’Leary, 86 and living with my parents in Florida). My grandma says, “Mr. O’Caruso is so funny. I mean genuinely funny!” She says, “maybe because I am Irish, I can’t wait to finish it. He is a very gifted storyteller and needs to write more books.” ... I thought you might like to know she likes it. Now, I need a copy of my own.” M.C., Denver, Colorado

** 2007 EVVY Award Winner **
** Judge’s Comments **

(Note: Independent judges do not know author. Book must qualify on the basis of points earned and not with regard to ranking by best, second best, etc. No awards were made for 2nd, 3rd, or merit in the Autobiography/Memoir category although there were other entries. Judge’s comments below were optional and offered voluntary.)

Judge #1 ... “The author’s writing style packs a powerful punch to his story. The book is well-written and the author does a great job of including explicit details without bogging down the reader. Whether it was intentional or not, the exclusion of an Acknowledgements page or Preface allows the reader to be swept into the story from page one. I would be interested in listening to a sound recording of this book. If the author speaks as well as he writes, I can imagine his intonation adding more flavor to the story.”

Judge #2 ... “An entertaining read. The title drew me into the story. The text maintained my interest. Here’s an author I’d enjoy meeting or hearing speak on his book.” New Page 1

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