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Adventure, drama, a roller coaster ride through an unusual series of coincidences.

How a young New York Italian, becomes Irish by accident.


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Crash of Flying Tiger Flight 923

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Original Front Page Story by Caruso in Irish and British Daily Mail newspapers  (This was the origin of Born Again Irish- the book.

Initial News Story of the Ditching

View Passenger List for Flying Tiger 923 (As reported in the New York Times.)

The Helicopter Rescue to Ireland

Illustration of Survivors in the Raft (as printed in the Saturday Evening Post magazine)

  Download the 37-page Civil Aeronautics Board Report on the demise of Flying Tiger Line Flight 923 in PDF format. This is a large file.

Try these links for more:

- Wikipedia Encyclopedia entry on the Flying Tiger Line

- Flying Tiger Pilots Association Web Site

- Air Disasters at "" (1962)

- Home page of the WWII Flying Tiger fan club
  Includes history, photos, memorabilia.

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