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About the Author -- O'Caruso

In the beginning, Fred Caruso was born in Nyack, New York, the son of second generation Italian immigrants. He spent his early years growing up in the Orthodox Jewish communities of Spring Valley and Monsey, and later in the rural suburb of Nanuet.

Disenchanted with college life at the age of 21, he decided to opt for a change of pace, a little more excitement. He became an an elite, physically fit, and totally invincible Army infantry paratrooper. He was sent to Germany on a commercial Flying Tiger Super Constellation, but the flight didn't make it. The plane crashed 500 miles off the coast of Ireland. Forty-eight out of 76 passengers survived. He and 16 others were evacuated from the rescue ship by helicopter for treatment at Mercy Hospital in Cork City, Ireland, where he became the "Born Again Irishman"

Because of the Flying Tiger crash and a story he wrote the day after the incident and which was published in Irish and British newspapers, a series of unusual coincidences and opportunities began to unfold. After conquering a  battle with post-trauma mind games, he moved from combat arms to photo journalism, to college in Montana, to meeting the green-eyed Irish cowgirl. More events, more coincidences led him back to the land of his "rebirth." He is a full fledged Irish citizen and property owner (southwest County Cork in the village of Glengarriff), because of his unusual and dramatic journey that had a very abrupt beginning.

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