A true story of the North Atlantic crash of 
Flying Tiger Flight 923 . . .

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Super Constellation

A Memoir

ISBN 978-0-9785471-0-3
278 pages/soft cover

Adventure, drama, a roller coaster ride through an unusual series of coincidences.  

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Born Again Irish
How a young New York Italian named Caruso becomes the Irish "O'Caruso" by accident. The journey that started with an airplane crash!

Readers spin through:

  • the chaos of a prolonged disaster and harrowing rescue at sea,
  • the heat and strain of military training to the comfort of corporate and political high life,
  • the challenges of post traumatic stress and mind games,
  • the humor and delight of every day living wrapped around the magic of Ireland.

Learn how these seeming random events all influence the outcome:

  • an over-crowded, upside-down life raft being tossed by raging seas
  • a race with a German railroad train
  • the incredible success of Montana's "Copper King" 
  • a friendly suggestion from a Jewish Godmother
  • meeting the Green Eyed Irish Cowgirl and Big Sky, Montana
  • Army paratrooper madness
  • photo-journalism and the Stars and Stripes Newspaper
  • the plight of a poor Irish farmer and the County Cavan connection
  • how a letter from 1919 serves as a family treasure map
  • and more! Read it. Buy now!

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